Whiskey Review: The Pogues


I know I know, “But Alex, this is supposed to be a beer blog. Why are you reviewing a whiskey? After only two posts you’re already selling out on what you started.” Well I say shut up. A man can have more than one passion. When I was young(er) and naive I thought I didn’t like beer. This ridiculous notion led me to adopt the wonderful world of whiskey as my spirit of choice and even though I mainly drink beer now, I still enjoy a nice whiskey from time to time. Well tonight I’m in a whiskey mood. (editor’s note: unless it is from Scotland I’m going to refer to it as whiskEy not whisky. I might do a post on what exactly is the difference another time.) So tonight I decided to drop by an AMAZING liquor store near me that has a great selection of pretty much everything. I went in with the idea of putting together a mix your own six pack for six pack Sundays (which will be available for your reading pleasure tomorrow) and I decided to look around their whiskey section. I was staring slack jawed and warmly happy at their Irish whiskey selection when the focus of tonight’s post caught my eye and I had to try it! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you (drum roll)…….. THE POGUES!!!!!!


This, according to the label is the official whiskey of the band by the same name. If you aren’t familiar with the band, hop onto the your music pirating platform of choice and give the song If I Should Fall From Grace With God a listen. Go ahead I’ll wait…………. pretty fuckin Irish right!? Well I’m not going to focus on the band. This is about the whiskey and just like the band, its pretty fuckin Irish!


For the sake of tasting every little nuance of this spirit I’m having it on the rocks. I prefer to drink my whiskey straight (remember kids, if you can’t drink it straight you shouldn’t be drinking it.) but I do find that you are treated to more depth of flavor when you drink your whiskey with ice or a splash of water.


This is a good example of the Irish style (Irish whiskey being my preference) smooth and forgiving. You get light smoke and oak on the nose that cuts through the alcohol. Taking my first sip (from this glass) I get the smokey oak flavor up front as I would expect but following that I get a definite tangy almost citrus sensation. This flavor is followed by a finish of hints of vanilla. As my ice melts, the vanilla becomes more and more prominent. The balance of flavors cut through the bite of the spirit’s 80 proof making this a smooth easy drinking whiskey that could get you into trouble.

In summary: I love Irish whiskey, and this is a great one. Ignoring the gimmicky fact that it is associated with a popular band, this whiskey gives me everything that I expect from a quality Irish whiskey and I don’t expect the bottle to last long. I picked it up for $38.99



Author: Alexander

Founder and head writer of this blog

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