Beer Review: Braunem Mantel (Two Plumbers)


The Name:

Two Plumbers is a haven for all things geek. As a natural extension of this theme, the brewery names its beers after diffrent geek, game and sci-fi things that its owners and head brewer are in to. This one is named from the sci-fi series Firefly and though I haven’t yet taken the dive into that particular nerdy fair yet, the bartender tells me that the name is German for brown coat. Brown coats apparently play into the series in some way. Putting my inept knowledge about sci-fi aside, this is about the beer which is an American Brown.


A glass of Braunem Mantel with a healthy drink taken from it because I was to excited to remember to take the picture first.

The Beer:

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I love this Brewery/Bar. I even did a full review of it on this blog ( That being said. Because I am a regular here I have, to the best of my knowledge tried every batch of this beer that they have released to the patrons and it is easily my favorite. It appears that I’m not the only one who likes it because they are constantly running out and brewing more! This glass was poured for me by the lovely bartender Steph. It pours with a thick creamy tan head that sits in your glass for ages like a malty whipped cream topping. The color is a lovely dark chocolate brown.

Pictured here is Steph. Sorry the quality isn’t great. I had already had a few too many to notice at the time. She’s prettier than the picture give her credit for.

The nose is earthy sweet and roasty. the roasted quality comes through strongly but it is balanced perfectly by the sweetness that goes with it. Taking the first sip you notice that it has just the right amount of carbonation to open up the palate while not being so bubbly as to distract from the dark malt qualities of the beer.

I had Steph pour me another in a snifter to get a better feel for the nose.

The malty sweetness is balanced beautifully by the hop profile which is ideal for the style. The hops are present but only to provide balance. It is the kind of subtle balance that you hardly notice but if the hops where gone it would be glaringly obvious.

I can’t really see what could be improved here but as I have tasted a number of batches of this with each having subtle diferences, they must be tweeking it ever so slightly from batch to batch. I give this batch 4.75/5!


Author: Alexander

Founder and head writer of this blog

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