Bar Review (Two Plumbers)

Hello everyone! Its been a while since my last post so I decided to put up my first bar review. I am definitely going to be gravitating towards brewery bars on this site because I am fortunate enough to live in an area that has a lot of breweries. Both long standing breweries and new ones that seem to be popping up all over the place. But that’s not to say that I won’t be reviewing a few regular bars if they have something that makes them stand out. So for my first bar review I have chosen Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade!


Two Plumbers creatively named after Mario and Luigi,  download  is part of a revolution in the St. Louis area. For those of you that aren’t from the STL area it is widely known that St. Louis has a large number of craft breweries plus one of the biggest macro breweries in the country, Anheiser Busch. The revolution that I mentioned is the growing realization in the surrounding areas that places directly outside of the STL county line don’t have the beer scene that St. Louis has. In an effort to remedy this situation, a whole host of micro brewery venues have been opening up in the St. Charles county area about 25min west of down town St. Louis. In 2017 alone at least a half dozen such venues are set to open in the area. One of the first of which was Two Plumbers. So lets dive in to what Two Plumbers is all about.



Two Plumbers has a party friendly atmosphere with ample space to hang out and talk. The big draw that makes this venue so unique is the arcade angle. True to their namesake they have at last count 34 vintage game cabinets including fan favorites like Mrs. Pac-Man, Gallaga, Super Mario and Donkey Kong. They also have a wall of 11 pinball machines that I have to say I’ve become pretty addicted too since this place opened. The arcade aspect of this venue is an amazing idea as it gives their patrons something fun to do other than drink and talk and it provides a deep nostalgia for their patrons that remember playing these games as kids.

The People that make it happen:


Meet Rob, the Owner. Rob is always seen hanging out at the bar, talking to patrons or fixing games as problems arise. Rob is a friendly approachable guy that can talk at length about anything from businesses to beer to star wars and beyond. He isn’t at all smoke and dagger about the bar and he has been more than willing to give me the inside scoop on what they are working on and what new beers I can expect to come out in the future. He is an all around good guy. If you decide to stop by, say hi and tell him where you heard about the bar from.


Meet John the head brewer! Seen here with significantly less beard than I am used to. As the head brewer he is responsible for making all of the top quality libations in your glass. He isn’t always at the bar but I’ve seen him there often enough that I have gotten to pick his brain about beer and the brewing method. Once, he and I got to talking and the subject some how came up of artificial bacon flavors. I postulated to him that it was impossible to make a bacon flavor that actually tastes like bacon instead of just smoke and pork. (There is a difference and if you can’t tell then you aren’t my friend) He got all excited and ran into the back where they keep all of there brewing equipment. He soon brought out a taster glass of wort from their St. Porkins porter named after the legendary rebel pilot who tragically died fighting to take down the empire. This was their special release for May the 4th. As he is a big fan of smoked beers it seems that he is always trying to make new incarnations of the style that are palatable to the average beer drinker. Which is no easy feat. He happened to pull it off wonderfully this time. This story is to highlight the personable nature that has made this bar one of my favorites.


Rob is seen here on the left working on one of there fabulous brews!

The Beer!!!!

Two Plumbers really stands out as a brewery. I have made an effort to try every one of their beers at least once and it seems like their in house selections are very popular with the patrons. Sometimes it seems like it can be hard to keep their beer on tap for long but they always have new brews coming out. I have been a fan of almost every beer they have released so far with some of the more hoppy selections not being to my taste. But I understand that not everyone is as malt forward in their tastes as I am. Below I will provide just a couple of the beers that they have come out with and if you want to be kept up to date on new releases I recommend that you follow them on twitter. They are always good about posting new beer releases, new game additions, specials and new merchandise that they have available.

ol'42 hefewiesen

This is the Ol’ 42 Hefeweizen. You just can go wrong with a cold hefe and this one is the meaning of life the universe and everything!


This lovely lady is Pauline the honey blonde ale. Pauline is every ones favorite damsel in distress.

Since their house beer sells out so quickly they always have a great selection of guest taps. I mean this as the highest praise when I say that they are snobbish about beer. One of their lovely bar tenders Steph informed me that I will never see anything like bud light on their menu! This means that they have a great variety of local craft brews and beyond to offer. I have tried some beers on there menu for the first time that quickly became some of my favorites and I have been clamoring to find them elsewhere ever since to no avail.


In conclusion this brewery bar is doing everything right. I highly recommend that you check it out if you are ever in the area and bring some friends. Don’t forget to tell them who sent you. Also I recommend carpooling as there is limited parking and this bar is really taking off.

For more Bar and beer reviews check back in to Craft Brew Country and keep a look out for my first home brewing post coming soon. I haven’t decided what my next batch will be yet but whatever it is I’m looking forward to sharing the craft with you!

The pictures in this post were borrowed from and their twitter account.